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    µAria is the ready-to-use solution for managing residential air handling units with heat recovery.

    µAria is a parametric controller, designed to reduce time and costs from the design phase to the start-up phase. Its flexibility allows it to handle the entry level HRV compact machine range up to about 1000 m3/h.
    CAREL's knowledge in the field of air handling units ensures intelligent control logic, ensuring optimal operation of all devices. 
    Multiple types of probes and sensors (temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC, etc.) can be managed, which measure the desired values and use them for the defined adjustment modes. This ensures a high level of comfort in the rooms served by the unit by controlling air quality and air exchange, while optimising energy performance.

    µAria offers an advanced user experience thanks to its standard Bluetooth and NFC wireless connectivity, in combination with the APPLICA App. 
    APPLICA, which can be downloaded free of charge to smartphones from Google Play for Android or App store for iOs, makes it possible to fully configure the unit in a few simple steps thanks to the pre-loaded synoptics and configurations. 
    Combined with the th-Tune terminal, the user can easily adjust temperature and humidity to achieve the desired environmental conditions.

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    A single application designed to adapt to different unit layouts.


    Easy configuration and start-up.

    • Pre-loaded configurations with customisation possibilities.
    • Manual configuration of all unit components.


    • Wireless NFC and Bluetooth connection via CAREL App “APPLICA” for fast commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance of the unit with simple interface and synoptics.
    • Easy integration of both field components and higher-level supervisory or BMS systems, thanks to integrated Modbus RTU RS485 serial communication.


    • Seven-segment, single-line LED display for improved usability of information.
    • Dedicated interface for quick access to variables and configurations, for use on Android and iOs smartphones.

    Air quality and hygiene

    • Room air quality control on CO2 setpoint and VoC.
    • Humidity control in the indoor environment.

    Energy efficiency

    • Intelligent device management based on minimum energy consumption.
    • Free cooling and Free heating.
    • Heat recovery.



  • 用户手册
    代码 描述 语言 日期 * 版本
    代码 +0300105IT
    描述 μAria - Controllo per unità di ventilazione con recuperatore di calore
    语言 ITA 
    日期 20/05/2022
    版本 1.1
    代码 +0300105EN
    描述 μAria - Controller for ventilation units with heat recovery
    语言 ENG 
    日期 20/05/2022
    版本 1.1
  • 技术说明
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    代码 +0500143IE
    描述 μARIA product technical leaflet - Controllo elettronico per unità di trattamento aria e ventilazione / Electronic control for air handling and ventilation unit
    语言 ENG  ITA 
    日期 11/11/2022
    版本 1.6


  • 产品手册
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    代码 +3000176EN - Chillventa 2022
    描述 OnShow - Chillventa 2022
    语言 ENG 
    日期 05/10/2022
    版本 2.0


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    代码 PH22LMA301-µAria-display
    描述 CAREL µAria - Air Handling and Ventilation - HVAC control
    语言 ALL 
    日期 30/09/2022
    版本 R.0
    代码 PH22LMA305-µAria-din-white
    描述 CAREL µAria - Air Handling and Ventilation - HVAC control
    语言 ALL 
    日期 30/09/2022
    版本 R.0