µRack NA

µRack NA
  • 总体特征

    With the µRack series, CAREL offers a range of compact, economical and easy-to-use and install parametric controllers for the complete management of small compressor racks.

    µRack offers:

    • the possibility to manage up to five relay outputs for controlling devices such as compressors and fans
    • immediate user interface with a LED display that shows the monitored values and icons indicating the status of the devices
    • quick-fit electrical connections for fast and safe connection to the controller, as well as possibility to create cable kits for mass production
    • PWM output for driving a condensing fan speed controller


    A series of optional modules extends the controller’s range of performance, allowing rapid programming by hardware key even when the device is powered off, as well as connection to the supervisory system for complete monitoring of the unit. 
    The controller can manage compressor racks with the floating condensing function if the system (cabinets-cold rooms) is equipped with electronic valves, as well as compressor racks two circuits, a single condenser and two suction set points. 
    The functions implemented, compact dimensions and easy installation and connection make these controller the best solution for the management of small compressor racks.

  • 更多

    • Simple and immediate use
      Developed with special attention to ease of use, with numerous features such as the icon-based display and easy wiring
    • Compact size, panel or DIN rail mounting
      Easy assembly in any type of electrical panel and unit
    • Complete management of the compressor rack
      Control of modulating fans and management of two suction lines are just some of the functions that make uRack a versatile and effective controller



  • 用户手册
    代码 描述 语言 日期 * 版本
    代码 +03P220430
    描述 μRack: centrale Frigorifera Standard mono/bicircuito
    语言 ITA 
    日期 06/06/2012
    版本 2.3
    代码 +03P220431
    描述 μRack: Standard compressor racks single/two circuit
    语言 ENG 
    日期 06/06/2012
    版本 2.3
    代码 +03P220432
    描述 μRack: Centrale Frigorifique Standard un/deux circuits
    语言 FRE 
    日期 06/06/2012
    版本 2.3
    代码 +03P220433
    描述 μRack: Standard-Verbundkälteanlage mit 1/2 Kältekreis/en
    语言 GER 
    日期 06/06/2012
    版本 2.3
    代码 +03P220434
    描述 μRack: Central Frigorífica Estándar Mono/Bicircuito
    语言 SPA 
    日期 06/06/2012
    版本 2.3
    代码 +03P220435
    描述 μRack Стандартные электронные блоки управления компрессорными станциями с одним/двумя контурами
    语言 RUS 
    日期 06/06/2012
    版本 2.3
    代码 +03P220436
    描述 μRack
    语言 CHI 
    日期 06/06/2012
    版本 2.3
  • 技术说明
    代码 描述 语言 日期 * 版本
    代码 +05P002870
    描述 MRK0000*: μRack Controllo elettronico per la gestione completa di centrali frigorifere fino a 4 compressori / Electronic controller for the complete management of compressor racks with up to 4 compressors
    语言 ENG  ITA 
    日期 06/03/2009
    版本 1.1