Digital service platform RED optimise

Digital service platform RED optimise
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    RED Optimise is the next generation Cloud portal dedicated to Retail applications.

    It consists of a multi-site centralisation portal, where data from the entire retail chain is collected and processed to provide valuable insights through intuitive dashboards, advanced algorithms and clear messages with optimisation suggestions.

    This new cloud portal is the evolution of RemotePRO, keeping all its features and improving its usability thanks to the new user interface, which allows you to easily deal with daily tasks and accessibility, as each page is developed considering the use from mobile device such as smartphone or tablet.

    Internet of Things (IoT) solutions have been proven to help food retailers maintain food quality, safety, and reducing the energy use.
    In fact, IoT solutions have already demonstrably provided retail food shops with:

    • 30% regulation performances improvement 
    • 500 €/year saving for each evaporator


    IoT technology ensures also maximising energy efficiency for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, appliances and more. Reducing energy costs and food losses creates a healthy and profitable supermarket business as well as a healthier planet.