easy dryer

easy dryer
  • 总体特征

    The “easy dryer” series is the economical solution that meets the needs for reliability and compliance with the main international regulations when it comes to the management of refrigerated dryers. 
    “easy dryer” comprises:

    the Management of ON/OFF compressor via NTC input probe;

    • the Management of condenser fan via NTC input probe;
    • the Management of condensation drain valve based on intervals;
    • ECO mode whenever conditions enable energy saving;
    • Hours counter for maintenance purposes

    Everything in a very compact housing which depth is just 58 mm while still featuring a 2Hp relay output for the control of refrigeration compressors. 




  • 技术说明
    代码 描述 语言 日期 * 版本
    代码 +050004242
    描述 EASY DRYER (PJS8*******) - controllo elettronico per la gestione di essicatori ad aria compressa /electronic controller for compressed air dryers
    语言 ENG  ITA 
    日期 07/01/2021
    版本 1.1


  • 产品手册
    代码 描述 语言 日期 * 版本
    代码 +3000205ZH
    描述 easy Dryer 简单、可靠、经济型控制器用 于压缩空气干燥机
    语言 CHI 
    日期 18/05/2020
    版本 1.0