What we do

The CAREL designs, manufactures and sells high tech components and solutions (hardware and software) on a global level for high energy efficiency in the control and regulation of air conditioning systems and equipment (“HVAC”) and refrigeration sectors (together “HVAC/R”).





Over the years, CAREL has designed systems and applications for vertical market niches with very specific needs requiring highly tailored solutions.

Specifically, CAREL designs, manufactures and distributes control and humidification solutions for the residential, industrial and commercial segments in the HVAC market. It offers solutions for each application segment to be integrated into individual units, like heat pumps, shelters, rooftop, computer room air conditioners (CRAC), chillers and air treatment systems as well as complex systems such as but not limited to entire systems for shopping centres, supermarkets, museums and data centres.

It designs, manufactures and distributes control and humidification systems in the food retail and food service segments of the refrigeration market. Like for the HVAC market, CAREL designs, manufactures and offers solutions to be integrated into individual units, like bottle coolers, plug-in refrigerators, multiplexed refrigerators, compressor racks and condensing units as well as complex systems such as but not limited to entire systems for supermarkets of all sizes, convenience stores and restaurants.

CAREL also offers services associated with its products such as, for example:

  • commissioning activities or contract work;
  • membership of the tERA service platform, which manages and monitors CAREL’s HVAC/R systems
    and components on a remote basis, facilitating dialogue between CAREL’s service centre and the end
  • access to dedicated remote plant and machinery management and control services that process data using the IoT properties of the solutions offered in the cloud or on-site.

Each user can optimise their daily activities through benchmarks, statistics, alerts and standard reports to help achieve their service, energy, quality and marketing goals. Development of these activities is of strategic interest to CAREL, including with a view to the future.