Culture code

In order to propose a strong and shared corporate identity, capable of fostering cohesion between people and alignment in the achievement of its strategic objectives, CAREL formally defined its Vision for the first time in 2021. Together with this, the company published the CAREL Culture Code, outlining the guiding principles of CAREL’s corporate culture.

These are both expressions of CAREL’s desire for continuity with its historical identity, and an ideal and objective set of values for the future, so as to allow its people to put the corporate vision into practice:

  • Be open! Valuing people’s diversity and new approaches, looking at experiences and knowledge outside of CAREL, questioning the status quo and operating with a global horizon;
  • Experiment! Innovating by adopting short cycles in collaboration with customers, considering failures as learning opportunities;
  • Care! Asking for and listening to the opinions of others, while remaining transparent and taking into account how our own actions affect the work of others, while at the same time defending our ideas;
  • Think customer first! Placing the customer's viewpoint in the centre, offering them the best solution and the best service possible;
  • Make the difference! Setting ambitious, clear, and shared objectives and evaluation criteria, taking responsibility and risks for our own actions, and embodying the principles of the CAREL Culture Code.