MPXone - total connectivity and high efficiency for multiplex cabinets


The new controller that revolutionises the operation of refrigeration units used in supermarket applications, through the introduction of wireless connectivity combined with the benefits of continuous modulation.



Connectivity as standard

Field connectivity via integrated BMS and Fieldbus serial ports for connection to the supermarket supervisory system and management of local networks between groups of cabinets. Wireless connectivity, via NFC and Bluetooth, revolutionising interaction with refrigeration units through the use of mobile devices.


High efficiency

Ensured by management of modulating loads and integration via serial connection of the most innovative energy saving devices, such as modulating fans and anti-sweat heaters, plus the possibility to control an external unipolar electronic expansion valve driver.


New user experience

Simplified user experience using a dedicated APP and cloud support. This architecture means that contents, such as parameter configurations and documentation, and user profiles and related access levels, can all be synchronised, thus guaranteeing rapid commissioning.



APPLICA is the innovative CAREL APP for smartphones that simplifies interaction with MPXone, moving the user interface from the display to mobile devices.

The potential in terms of graphics and the new architecture ensure:

  • faster commissioning and maintenance;
  • easy interpretation of cabinet operating conditions;
  • updated documentation and official parameter lists for configuration available at any time.



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